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Effective Snoring Treatment in Applecross

Snoring Is Serious. We Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep.

Snoring isn’t just an annoyance. It’s a potentially serious health condition that can impact both you and your partner’s everyday lives.

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea are often referred to as sleep-disordered breathing. When left untreated, OSA can lead to a number of issues associated with poor sleep
patterns and severe health problems.

Snoring Treatments That WORK

Anti-snore pillows. Chin straps. Nasal strips. Lavender spray. You’re better off investing in a pair of earplugs.

Why? There are hundreds of products that claim to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, but there are only a handful of clinically proven solutions including: CPAP, oral appliances, surgery and lifestyle changes.

Not many people know that dentists can offer help for these problems, however research shows that dental treatment for this lifelong chronic disease can be more effective than the invasive treatments used by other health practitioners.

Our experienced  team creates custom fit oral appliances that won’t damage or interfere with your gums or teeth. Unlike other physical devices to help combat snoring and mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the oral appliance is safe, effective and easy to use.

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